Will your child go on school holidays?

 We have the right activities to keep you busy while you work. 

The Equestrian Center offers various cultural, educational and pedagogical activities. 

The realization of these activities promotes an image of rurality, including the various crop winners.

 Our Leisure Activities are prepared for children from 5 to 12 years old and provide other different and lively holidays! 

Activities of the Equestrian Center 

Care and hygiene of farm animals; 

Cleaning harnesses and halters; 

Riding lessons (with calm horses properly trained);

 Pedagogical garden;

 This activity allows children to perform horse movements and develop social, emotional, psychological and motor faculties and skills. In addition to these activities, we have others where children can always have fun in connection with Nature! 

Opening hours: 9 am to 7 pm, with the possibility of extending the time for an additional fee. 

Registration open for Summer school holidays.


What they should bring: 

- 1 used tracksuit

- 1 pair of sneakers; 

- 1 change of fresh clothes;

- 1 pair of sneakers (to change if necessary); 

- sunscreen; 

- hat or cap.